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Falling Through the Tree of Life immerses you in living, breathing magic.

You'll begin like a butterfly falling through the Tree... but the farther you go, the more you'll fall in love.

This masterwork shows you how to enjoy the journey—full of heart, spirit, and wonder.

A breathtaking love story to a mystery that was old when the world was new.
Kristoffer Hughes, Druid and designer of The Celtic Tarot

Jane Meredith gives us a Tree that is truly alive… based in nature as well as ancient wisdom.
Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom

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Enter the realms of the Goddess, where her stories are alive and all around us.

Persephone – Isis – Aphrodite – Inanna – Freyja – Nephthys - The Star Goddess – Eve – Ereshkigal – Mary – Bloddeuwedd - Ariadne

Aspecting, or drawing down a Goddess, is an invitation to share our bodies and our experience with the divine. Step by step, this book unfolds different levels of this practice, through myth, memoir, rituals and practices.

Prepare yourself to be taken on a most amazing journey...
Rachel Patterson, author of Kitchen Witchcraft.

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Journey to the Dark Goddess will lead you on a powerful, healing path.

The Dark Goddess is the creatrix of healing, change and renewal. If you have been unable to shake off depression, or fear its return; if you know something is missing, or calling to you; if you seek the source of women’s power – it’s time to journey to the Dark Goddess. 

In meeting the Dark Goddess we see a mirror of our own soul.

A wise, wonderful, inspiring book.
Diane Wolkstein, author of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

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Are you a woman who believes in your own beauty? Do you love your sensuality and live it fully?

Enter the temple of Aphrodite, ancient Greek Goddess of Love. Resolve and heal trauma, grief and abuse as you reclaim seven aspects of your sexuality.

Create your own magical Aphrodite girdle and a spell as a powerful celebration of self-honoring and sexual embodiment. Reawaken to yourself with Aphrodite's Magic.

A magical spellbinding book that can change women’s lives.
Kathy Jones, Glastonbury Goddess Conference Creatrix.

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Deeply poetic and rich with passion, this book guides you to expand your relationship with earth, air, fire, water, and spirit through hands-on explorations and thought provoking essays from over thirty contributors teaching in the Reclaiming tradition.

This empowering book provides spells, exercises, practices, and perspectives that are taught in Reclaiming’s foundational class, Elements of Magic.

Awaken the elemental magic within…

This book is like a dandelion seed-head, spreading wild wisdom and ecstatic practice.
Tony Rella, author of Circling the Star.

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The Iron Pentacle is a tool for reawakening our essential humanity and our sovereign selves. Exploring the themes of Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion, this book invites you to develop magic of the body that sings to the spirit.

Discover an intense journey of self-awareness, leading to self-actualization, authenticity and potent magic. The book includes spells, rituals and processes to guide your journey.

Let the adventure begin…

A ‘must-have’ for any magic worker involved in unearthing the witch-flame within.
Orion Foxwood, Traditional Witch and Faery Seer.

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Create a deeper experience of the Wheel of the Year for yourself, your family and your community. This book offers detailed rituals, craft activities, discussion and memoirs for each of the eight seasonal rituals, as well as guidelines for creating your own rituals.

Bringing solstice, equinox and cross-quarter festivals into current times, with reflections on life stages, finding a balance between light and dark, and rewriting classical celebrations for current circumstances, Rituals of Celebration offers a framework for contemporary Pagan celebrations.

If you want rituals that will be real ‘I wish I’d been there’ ones, then use this book.
Geraldine Baskin, The Atlantis Bookshop.

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The Circle of Eight is an exciting magical system for developing powerful, transformative rituals based on your relationship with the land where you live.

Incorporate the unique conditions of your location ― whether you live in a rainforest, a city, or anywhere in between. With instructions for setting up your own Circle of Eight, this book provides a practical and comprehensive grounding into local magic.

A true originator of approaches to magic and spirit that can inspire us.
Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance.

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