Circle of Eight: Creating Magic for Your Place on Earth

The Circle of Eight is an exciting magical system for developing powerful, transformative rituals based onyour relationship with the land where you live; the climate and seasons, flora and fauna, the manifestation of the elements and other important aspects of place.

Find complete instructions for setting up your own Circle of Eight, whether working solo or with a group. Work with this system magically and energetically, geographically by heading out onto the land and ritually, incorporating the Circle of Eight into your celebrations, mythic and seasonal magic and personal process.

I love Jane Meredith's focus on local magic and her tools to help us take root in place and weave new traditions out of the strands of our own authentic experience. Meredith is a graceful and poetic writer and a true originator of approaches to magic and spirit that can inspire us in these times. - Starhawk

Jane Meredith teaches us how to bend our spirit to listen to what the sacred land is telling us about itself and create ritual that is alive, vibrant and flexible... Recommended.
- Anne Newkirk Niven, editor Sage Woman and Witches & Pagans magazine


Rituals of Celebration:
Honoring the Seasons of Life through the Wheel of the Year

Do you want to bring sacred celebration into your life?

In Rituals of Celebration the Celtic seasonal Festivals are brought into contemporary focus. Each one corresponds to a season of our lives, as well as reconnecting us with the cycles of the natural world.

Find your personal resonance with these ancient Festivals and discover how to create ritual for yourself, your family and your community.

Rituals of Celebration is a very real and magical read, poignant and totally soulful. Chris Waters, founder of Spirit of the Inca: Shamanic Training

Jane has honed her skills as one of the world’s most creative and engaging facilitators and ritualists. Every one of the stories she weaves comes from the depth of her wisdom and the breadth of her skill. Dr Tricia Szirom, author of Seasons of the Goddess

I can't recommend this book highly enough. Rachel Zinman, International Yoga teacher and teacher trainer


Journey to the Dark Goddess: How to Return to Your Soul

The Dark Goddess is the creatrix of healing, change and renewal. She is shockingly recognisable as that part of ourselves we try to contain and deny, and she offers connection to the core of yourself.

If you have been unable to shake off depression, or fear its return; if you know something is missing; if you seek the source of women's power - it's time to journey to the Dark Goddess.

In meeting the Dark Goddess we see a mirror of our soul.

Jane Meredith wisely guides us today on this crucial,mysterious and challenging journey that every one of us must take as part of our initiation into becoming human. Diane Wolkstein, author of Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Journey to the Dark Goddess provides a clear and profound psychological map... I recommend it to anyone wishing to explore their shadow and reclaim their personal power. Ali Harrison, Transpersonal Psychotherapist.


Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality

Are you a woman who believes in your own beauty? Do you love your sensuality and live it fully?

Aphrodite’s Magic is a journey into seven aspects of women's sexuality. Enter the Temple of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and explore the layers of your most private, feminine self. This book will guide you to resolve and heal past trauma, grief and abuse so your sexuality is set free from the past. You will be inspired to honor and celebrate your unique embodiment of the feminine and allow the magic of the Goddess to enter your body with every breath you take.

Aphrodite's Magic Book Launch ~ Youtube

Aphrodite's Magic Reading ~ Youtube


Articles by Jane Meredith

  • "Straying towards the Underworld"
  • Once, long ago, in the realms before Time had settled itself down, there lived a beautiful maiden and her loving mother. They lived in a land where it was always summer, for this mother was the goddess herself, the bountiful Demeter. Wherever she went the trees burst with flower and fruit both, the grains in the fields ripened beneath her gaze and everything was plentiful. And her daughter Persephone went everywhere with her mother and listened to her in all things.
  • "Honouring the Dark Goddess"
  • For me the Dark Goddess is the child-slayer, she is famine and rape and the woman who steals my lover, she is despair and loneliness and madness. And I know that she needs my friendship, desperately needs it, but it is mainly a formal friendship that I am able to offer her; respect, honour, empathy, compassion, service. Maybe the world’s problems would be solved if I could fling my arms around her and kiss her on the cheek and laugh with her and settle down for a good chat. It sounds great, but I know that those seconds of grace where such a thing is possible are rare. Compared with the other times.
  • "Dark Goddess"
  • Last night I lay on the sand at Broken Head Beach near my home in Australia, and looked up at the stream of the milky way across the sky. It’s the time of the dark moon and the stars are torrents of light. They are the drops of milk from her breasts, as she sustains and nourishes us in this fragment of time on the earth. And she is the Dark Goddess, her body wrought from the night sky, more vast than the universe, cradling within herself the infinite spirals of light and dark, time and space.
  • "Sacred Marriage"
  • At the Summer Solstice the Goddess in her fullness meets the God at the height of his powers and they join together in the Sacred Marriage.....
  • Dying or dead he falls from the tree into Her arms. Or his blood soaks into Her land, as an offering. He walks onto the battlefield, knowing that in death he will meet Her embrace. This is the sacred marriage.....
  • As the leaves fall from the trees and the Goddess descends into her yearly retreat of the Underworld, the energy of the dark god is stirred into rising and, hidden from all, they perform the rite of the Sacred Marriage.....
  • It is the moment of the Winter Solstice, when the age-old goddess gives birth to the god of the new year and as he passes through the gate of her flesh the possibility of sacred marriage is born.....
  • "Goddess Article"
  • The waves crash against me as I stand in the edge of the surf. The sun is hot, though it is still early morning. The water is cold and filled with the churning of millions of tiny pieces of seaweed, big clumps of which lie washed up in the tide. The salt in the water sticks to my skin, the sand under my feet shifts and shapes itself. As the waves rush out, I see a tiny, rounded shell exposed for a moment, it burrows quickly downwards. Is this goddess? This shell creature, this tide, this body of mine? I think so.






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