The Magician, Haindl Deck



Eight three hour classes or four days. Suitable for those with some confidence and familiarity with a Tarot deck.

* Develop and deepen your relationship with your chosen Tarot deck throughout the course, until you understand the relationships of the cards to each other, the part each one plays in the overall story of your deck and the depths, biases and focus of your deck. Learn to relate to other Tarot decks, both in reference to your own and also on their own merits. Experiment with reading from different decks and combinations of decks.

* Develop techniques of accessing and communicating from your intuitive self, using the cards as inspiration. Practice deepening your trust and understanding of this part of yourself, with continual feedback as you develop. Learn techniques to overcome hesitations and blocks around intuition and become familiar and comfortable with your own style of receiving and communicating intuitively.

* Broaden your Tarot reading skills through specific instruction and techniques. Learn and practise different spreads and learn how to devise your own spread, for a specific purpose. Move more deeply into understanding the Tarot as a series of suit and number patterns and the significance of Major cards, both in their content and placement. Learn a variety of approaches to reading any given layout.

*Further your understanding of the Tarot; both as a philosophy and in the particular embodiment of your own deck, using research, cross-referencing with other decks and meditation/contemplation of the cards as well as observing the meanings and interplay of various cards as they appear and reappear in different readings. Work specifically with cards or suits that you feel weakest in understanding, learning to see their place within the whole. Experiment with referencing Tarot to other divinatory, cultural and artistic arrangements.

* Be challenged and supported to develop your individual style of reading, whether that be predictive, contemplative, oriented to problem solving or primarily for creative and inspirational purposes. Work individually, in pairs and a larger group to play and experiment with your abilities in understanding and reading the cards. Receive assistance and constructive help for specific areas of difficulty.


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