Altar from above


A two day workshop for men and women.

The sacred realm can be felt in ancient forest. Or on a wild moor, by a river, under a moon, in a temple, church or private ceremony. It exists within meditation, love-making, song and dance. Endless opportunities exist to enter this realm; once there we can create a purposeful ritual or just enjoy the experience of connection and depth.  We can share these moments with others, or pursue them on our own.  There are no rules, no ‘right and wrong’ when it comes to experiencing sacred space. Exploring different options makes the sacred realm less intimidating and more accessible.

Ritual is a rich, creative and endlessly adaptable expression of the sacred. During this workshop we will cover some basics of ritual work, learning how to move into and out of this realm with confidence and imagination, so as to be able to create appropriate rituals for ourselves and others.  We will create rituals individually, in small groups and with the whole group. Our rituals will be for healing, celebration and self-discovery.  This is a practical and highly participative workshop.

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