A one day workshop for women.

Healing the relationships between women starts with the mother/daughter bond.  Our relationship to the Goddess is an inspiring model, but how many of us manage to practise what we learn with our own mothers?  In our society and in our lives, the relationship between mothers and daughters is often deeply unresolved. 

In the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone we find threads of the sacred relationship between mother and daughter.  Entering into the mythic realm and creating a space of celebration of the feminine journey, we weave these threads together again in our own lives and psyches.  By exploring the Persephone-Demeter myth with its issues of loss, abandonment and reunion, we will access the threads of love and betrayal that lie twisted between women.  Using ritual, sharing from our own lives and working for personal understanding and transformation, we will rewrite this story for ourselves.

As women seeking our own power it is crucial to address this mother-daughter story, so that the lines of feminine energy can flow again, in our individual families as well as in the wider world.  The intention of this work is to heal and transform our relationships with our mothers and the feminine and our selves. 

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