Revitalising Women's Earth Magic

A two day workshop for women. With Chris Waters.

The Norse Goddess Freya fell in love with a necklace so beautiful she had to have it…no matter what the cost.

One morning she spied a beautiful necklace the dwarves had made… but what was the Queen of Asgard, the heavenly realm, doing anywhere near the earth-dwelling dwarves? And for whom had they made the necklace? Certainly they agreed to sell it to her, for a price. The price of a night of love with the Goddess for each one of them. When Freya returns home with her necklace after the four nights, the price she has paid turns out to be far greater than she bargained for; her husband decries her betrayal and casts her aside.

The themes of greed, longing and betrayal stand starkly out of this myth. What have we longed for, that we had to leave our own realm to discover, and what price have we paid when we found it? When a woman makes a magical contract with the elementals or with her own magic, is she the betrayer, or is she herself betrayed by those who want her to remain the as she was before? And when even the Goddess takes what belongs to the earth, how we she ever finish paying the price?

In this workshop we follow in Freya’s footsteps as she discovers what she longs for, makes her bargain with the elemental powers of earth and begins to learn of the consequences. As mortal women we will then step outside this story; re-making our contract with the earth and acting to bring about harmony between the heavenly and the earthly spheres. We will work with ritual, sacred drama and personal and group processes to investigate our links with the earth, with our own magic and with that longing for beauty.

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