Dark Goddess Altar


A two day workshop for women. 

The Dark Goddess is all the parts of women that have been shamed and denied and hidden.  She is the mother of suffering, change and renewal and it is in her realm that the deep mysteries of healing and personal transformation are found.  Her names are Kali, Morrigan, Persephone, Hecate, Lilith, Ereshkigal, Mary Magdalene, Sekhmet and many others.

The Sumerian myth of the Goddess Inanna’s descent into the Underworld to meet her sister, the Dark Goddess, provides a brilliant map, outlining step-by-step the path that can be taken to descend into the darkest places and emerge.  This essential journey is always about transformation and integration; it can be taken at many different levels and many times during our lives.  Working with the myth through ritual, meditation and personal process brings understanding into the darkest parts of our lives.

Journey to meet the Dark Goddess within a safe, sacred environment, where each step is supported and understood within the context of the whole.  The two days span a ritual enactment of the descent into the Underworld to meet, heal and integrate our personal shadow, as well as to acknowledge and empower the long-repressed dark feminine in her own right, and learn some of the paths that lie within her realms. 

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