Spiritual Healing for Women's Sexuality

A one day workshop for women.

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love and sensuality. She is famous for her beauty and the freedom of her sexuality. The Goddess of Love calls to us all but when we are carrying wounds from the past – whether emotional, physical or psychic – it can be difficult to truly answer that call. Most of us struggle to see our own beauty, to open our hearts in the ways we long to and to speak our truth. This can leave us less fully alive, less confident in our sensuality and cautious or limited within sexual relationships. Aphrodite’s radiant, self-empowering sexuality can inspire and support us to dance more fully this sacred part of our lives.

In a safe and sacred Temple space we will dedicate ourselves to our own healing and invoke the Goddess Aphrodite. With reflective, inner work; small group processes and sacred ritual we will take some steps along the path of healing our sexuality. Each woman will be guided to perform a simple, private ritual calling upon the energies of the Goddess for the healing of any sexual wounds, even those that are cultural or non-specific.

This work is gentle, powerful and supportive. It will allow you to transform yourself at your own pace. Often psychological, medical or rational models of healing do not include this spiritual aspect, which can offer deep personal understanding, specific support and a level of grace. Issues that can be addressed include abusive relationships or behaviours; lack of self-love; food and image problems; fear of intimacy and a broken heart.

Each one of us has the birthright of gazing into Aphrodite’s mirror. Each one of us can learn to embrace her own beauty, speak her truth and open her heart. Reclaim your sexuality as free, beautiful and sacred.

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