Goddess at Damanhur

APHRODITE’S MAGIC: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality

A two day workshop for women.

Aphrodite, ancient Greek goddess of love and passion, was said to have a magical belt, a girdle that made the wearer sexually irresistible… Journey back to the times of the Temples of the Goddess, where we can again weave her magic and participate in her qualities. 

This workshop explores the mystery at the centre of our women’s bodies.  In a safe, supportive environment each woman will explore her relationship to her own sexuality.  Taking the form of a sacred inner journey, this work involves the collecting, healing and empowering of the different strands of our sexuality that have been damaged, wounded or simply not freely expressed in our lives.

This is a magical process combining song, memory, ritual, movement and dance, inner reflection and group work.  Issues that can be worked on include fear of intimacy, past hurts such as incest and rape, self-love and sexual confidence. 

During the workshop each woman will create her own Girdle of Aphrodite, which will have her power, her delight, her healing and the magic of the Goddess woven into it.  This seven-stranded girdle, made and decorated by the participant, can then be placed on an altar, worn as adornment or used in further ritual.

Reclaiming, healing and celebrating our sexuality with other women leads us into the dance of life with the goddess, whose sexuality is free and beautiful and sacred.

Jane Meredith's book, Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality is based on this workshop and includes rituals, discussion of seven aspects of women's sexuality and the magical spell for you to weave your own girdle.

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