Participants' Statements

"Thank you beyond words for the most intense journey, protected and held with such Love and presence. I haven’t heard my Soul so clearly since I was a small child." - Amanda.

"I have consciously been guided down into the inner depths of my being, to meet my Dark Goddess within".... more >

"I found Jane to be the consummate professional. She created the safest environment for this profoundly intimate work".... more >

" Dear Jane, Thank you for your pain, your joy, your unique presence and beautiful voice".... more >

"I have been struggling in a tunnel of darkness for many months. I thought I was crazy. No one wanted to hear my story".... more >

" Jane, I think that what you do is amazing. I attended your dark Goddess workshop 2 years ago and it had a profound effect on my life".... more >

" Your workshop has reawakened the Goddess within me (the dark & the light). May she never fall asleep again".... more >

"Jane’s workshop: Characterised by deep spirituality, profound research, grace and a continuing watchfulness".... more >

"Dear Jane, How have you such skill and wisdom so young? I thank you from the bottom of my battered heart".... more >

" To our Priestess, visiting the Isle of Avalon - Our great good fortune that you have. You enabled a very deep experience ".... more >

" You asked if we moved past an edge and I have moved past several that would usually be edges – but with you it wasn’t difficult".... more >

" a wonderful, inspiring, beautiful experience. It felt like plaiting the precious strands of my life together".... more >

"It felt like the most authentic meeting of my story, the universal stories and the emotional experiences".... more >

" I have been stumbling through the Dark for almost 3 years and almost given up the hope to find the door out ".... more >

"Jane – I would like to thank you for helping me to resurrect a part of myself I was in danger of losing".... more >

" It’s a long journey down/To the depths of your soul/ I was scared of who I might be".... more >

" Your strong boundaries are a blessed relief in this field – No fucking about, here’s what we are here to do – So do it!".... more >

" Thank you for this incredible opportunity to get to know myself better and see the darkness as a way to positive growth".... more >

" Dear Jane, thank you for facilitating my journey into the Underworld so beautifully and passionately".... more >

" The Aphrodite’s Girdle workshop has centred my sexuality, given back a love of my femininity".... more >

"Jane, You are truly a Priestess of the Goddess. I have nothing but praise for your work. I honour your gifts".... more >


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