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 Welcome to Jane Meredith’s November E-Zine 2013
I’ve moved house and am now living in an eccentric and impractical A-frame in the Blue Mountains. Of course, I like eccentric houses and living on my own (well, with the cat) after twenty-one years of sharing a house with Damon is revelatory. I feel both as if I haven’t changed at all – in who I am – since I was twenty-six and also that the depth, confidence and empowerment within my own life and self that I dreamt of at twenty-six, but could barely touch is all here now. This last month has contained not only this move after three and a half months of travelling but also an opening within me, a reaching out to intimacy and connection, as well as a death. All at Beltaine. As if I stand here, weaving the ribbons around the pole of my life; someone I loved dying, new loves being born, a shift in circumstance, a coming into my self. All of the colours making their patterns together.

The Experiential Kabbalah: Tree of Life workshop I ran in Brisbane was amazing. The Tree is such a potent, living symbol – as if it is just waiting to burst free of lines and words on a page into dynamic, three dimensional existence. As soon as we laid it out on the floor and began to name parts and move around within it we could feel its energies and teachings reaching out for us and by the end of three days we were completely immersed in our own, quite wild and esoteric brand of Kabbalah. It was a privilege to do this work with those who came; they were incredibly dedicated, creative, vibrant and loving within it. Their commitment to learning, to sharing and to the magic was enormous and within that focus we went in deep and swift and emerged with heads swirling, hearts given over to the Tree and an enormous symbolic structure to continue learning and playing within. 

Those who know me know I love working within magical systems; the Circle of Eight, Tree of Life, Iron and Pearl Pentacles. I love the spatial and visceral magic of placing myself within one of these structures and letting it teach me. Using this way of working, here’s an Exploration into the Iron Pentacle…. 

I have two final workshops for the year. Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality is running in both Melbourne (November 23 - 24) and Adelaide (November 30 - December 1). This is practically your last chance to sign up to join us in this strong and ecstatic work. Which of us isn’t carrying a collection of hurts and restrictions around what it means to be a woman, about our intrinsic belonging to the divine feminine, about our ability to express through our whole bodies the freedom and love that is our birthright? Sexuality doesn’t begin when we enter relationship with another human – it begins with our relationships to ourselves. Our celebration and healing of our own woman’s body, toour flesh, our sexuality, our sensuality, our beauty and truth and ability to love is where the spell we weave with Aphrodite takes place. Come and join us if you’re ready to dance this magic into your body and your life. Email me for details at: jane@janemeredith.com 

~ Wishing you the joy of Beltaine and the depth of Samhain  ~


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