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Jane Meredith is an author, ritualist and teacher. Her books include the best selling Journey to the Dark Goddess, Aspecting the Goddess, Circle of Eight and she is the co-author of Magic of the Iron Pentacle and co-editor of Elements of Magic.

Photo by Luke Brohman

Jane lives with her cat in beautiful Northern New South Wales in a wildly ambitious house with a challenging garden. Pieces of her heart are in many places, including the Blue Mountains, Paris, Limeuil, the Lake District and of course with her beloved son and his partner. She tries to write - and garden - every day and follow an ecstatic, reverent and joyful life.

Photo by Luke Brohman

Fascinated by magical systems, myth, fairytale, and the vivid natural world we are part of, Jane's passions include: Kabbalah, sacred sexuality, trees and rivers, white cockatoos, CloudCatcher WitchCamp, creative magic and co-created ritual, and dark chocolate. She loves travelling, reading, theatre, exploring intimacy, and being alive.

Jane teaches distance courses online as well as presenting at conferences, festivals and teaching in-person workshops across the world. Her Calendar of upcoming events is here.

Jane is a registered Marriage Celebrant in Australia and performs legal weddings as well as handfastings, namings and other ceremonies.

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