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Ace of Stones, Haindl Deck


A half day course suitable for those with or without prior experience with Tarot.

Traditionally Tarot is as much a tool of personal inquiry, inspiration and spiritual contemplation as a fortune-telling device. Experiment with different uses of the potential of a Tarot deck for healing, understanding and contemplation.

In this course you will be guided to: Travel within yourself using Tarot images to prompt inspiration; learn advanced techniques for deepening your relationship with the Tarot; conduct a meditation journey for someone else using the Tarot; learn to use the Major Arcana in self – healing; experiment with using the Tarot as a creative springboard for ritual and story.


A half day course suitable for those with prior experience with Tarot.

It’s easy to get caught in narrow definitions of Tarot reading, whereas the cards themselves can lead anyone familiar with them into greater understanding. This course is aimed at creating break-throughs in limitations and supportive techniques to overcome fears or blocks in Tarot reading.

The course will cover: Learning techniques for answering specific questions in Tarot readings; working with the Minor Arcana to generate pattern breaking for long-term problems; gaining experience and confidence through reading for others in a supportive environment; learning techniques to overcome your weakest area in working with Tarot and workshoping your ideas for the application of Tarot to any field.

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