Goddess close up


A two day workshop for women.

In cultures all over the world there existed temples to the Goddess.  Sacred groves and vast, palace-like buildings, simple huts and deep wells…within and around these spaces the sacred feminine was worshipped and women’s femininity, healing and power were honoured and nurtured.  Within these temples all women were sisters, all women were priestesses and all women existed in essential relationship to the Goddess.

In this workshop we will create a sacred temple space and - drawing on ancient knowledge, our intuition and creativity - we will learn how to relate to our own sacred feminine and the great Goddess, who has been known throughout time as Gaia, Ishtar, Isis, Hecate, Demeter, Dana and by many other names. 

We will participate in simple rituals, learn chants and inner practises,  make a magical tool and explore our own relationship with the deep feminine and with other women.  We will join together in a ritual for healing, vision and personal empowerment.  Some of the content of this workshop will be decided by participants.

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