TASTING THE POMEGRANATE: Revisioning the Underworld

A two day workshop for women.

Persephone, daughter of the Greek corn Goddess Demeter, was young and innocent before she entered the Underworld.  Afterwards she was forever changed; she became Queen of the Underworld and brought Spring to the earth each year.  And of her time in the dark realms, one thing is always told; that she ate the red seeds of the Pomegranate.

What does it mean, to eat the seeds of the pomegranate?  How does a woman change from maiden to Queen, from innocent to powerful?  Like Persephone, we have all visited the Underworld.  We have lived through those times of despair, of bitter darkness, of pain and loneliness and been changed; changed forever.  That is when we learn the hard lessons, confront our innermost shadows and taste the pomegranate.  And then we dare to see clearly, to make changes, to commit to our own process without any guarantee of safety.

In this workshop we will explore and consolidate the learnings each of us have gained through our experiences in the Underworld and – through ritual, personal and group processes and art – map the paths of descent and re-emergence in the creation of a pomegranate mandala.  Tasting the pomegranate symbolises our willingness to assume the role of Queen, rather than victim and to bring forth Spring out of the darkest place.

Pomegranate Mandala

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