A one day workshop for men and women.

When the God and Goddess meet in sacred marriage it is the union of opposite and equal powers as well as the union of love.  Their joining is a symbol of the fullness we seek in our relationships and also the integration we strive for within ourselves.  The mythological love stories of many different cultures teach of the paths that lead towards this ideal and in following those paths we recieve some of this essence.

This is a dynamic, fully participative workshop set in sacred space that explores sacred marriage using symbolism and creative ritual, the ancient love poetry of Inanna and Dumuzi and other stories from myth. Invoking the divine energy of sacred marriage we experience the power that flows between the God and Goddess and learn how to translate that into our own lives and relationships. This can be a place of healing, joy and revelation. To work these stories is also to participate in and contribute towards the union of God and Goddess energies on our planet.


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