Sunrise North-East

THE GODDESS AND THE GOD: Myth, Ritual and Relationships

A two day workshop for men and women.

The love stories of the Goddess with the God span across cultures and time to touch deeply on our own dynamics within intimate relationships.  These stories include those of Isis and Osiris (Egypt), Shiva and Shakti (India), the primal earth Goddess and her year-king son (Celtic/European) and Inanna and Dumuzi (Sumerian).  They are stories of birth, passion, fertility, death and regeneration and these myths encompass the power and depth of love that is not only divine but also deeply mortal.

Engaging with these stories is a powerful and dynamic way to recognise, heal and celebrate some of our most deeply held longings, fears and potential within intimate relationships.  Using ritual enactment we will creatively explore some of these myths individually and as a group. There is space for personal reflection, group sharing and creative processes.

This is an interactive workshop which will include devising and enacting rituals of celebration, healing and integration. By entering into the realms of these sacred stories, understanding and also dynamic healing occurs between the feminine and masculine within, between the Goddess and the God themselves and between ourselves as ordinary women and men.

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