The Journey of Psyche

A one day workshop for women.

Psyche is the beautiful Greek maiden who falls in love with Eros, the God of Love.  But their story is not a simple one and Psyche faces enormous tests, growing beyond all she has ever known and finally travelling into the Underworld.  Her story represents the journey of the soul as it deepens into love and touches divinity.

This quest for love, which holds such a central place in human lives, is not just an unfolding of strength and beauty.  In love we are tested again and again, each time taken into our weakest places and each time discovering strengths in ourselves that we never knew.  Whether it is loving another person, loving God/dess, loving ourselves ~ on this journey we follow Psyche’s path from mortality towards the divine.

This workshop echoes Psyche’s journey, working with our own stories and history of love and loving.  Undergoing Psyche's four challenges we learn the art of discrimination, we face our fears, we fill a cup with the waters of the sacred river and we venture into the Underworld to ask the Dark Goddess for a favour. Using dynamic ritual, individual and group processes and creative journaling we quest deeper and deeper into our own hearts, seeking the place where we claim ourselves as Lover and Beloved.  This includes healing and clearing wounds of the heart, learning to listen to our truths and daring to take the risk of offering love.

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