Fogu In Cornwall


A one or two day workshop for women and men.

The Dark God and the Dark Goddess have been hidden, denied and denigrated in our society.  In reclaiming their stories and entering their realms we reclaim a part of ourselves.

Traditionally the Dark - sometimes known as the Underworld - is a place of the deep mysteries, initiation and transformation.  By working with myths that touch on journeys into the Dark, and the divine archetypes of Persephone and Hades, Inanna/Ereshkigal and Dumuzi that inhabit these places we meet the energies in ourselves and work toward integration.

In this workshop we cross the boundaries between human and divine, between myth and our own histories, between light and dark and between women and men.  Using creative expression, the re-telling of stories, mythical enactment and magical processes we enter these realms to understand, heal and renew.

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