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Congratulations. You have succesfully stumbled upon my 'easter egg' page, which eaither means that you are extremely bored or just like waving the mouse around a lot. Or you looked it up on Google (damn those easter-egg-spoiling multi-billion-dollar search companies).  

Anyway, since you're hear I may as well tell you something about myself.

My name is Damon Meredith (well duh, it's in the title) and I am a freelance journalist and web designer fresh out of high school. Currently enjoying a gap year I am pursuing my interests in website production. So IF you happen to want a website and IF you think I might be the right person to do the job, head on over to my website at DiscProductions².

Otherwise, you should head on over to my website at DiscProductions².

(This here is what they call a Win/Win situation)

On the other hand you could choose to ignore my advice. If that is the case, you are a stingy and cruel person, and should visit here.


Cool Links

Super Turtle 2 - A game I made in Year 10

YouTube Videos


Meanwhile, enjoy life and may you keep finding hidden pages such as this (there are more than you think).       Like this.


Damon Meredith


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